11 August, 2005

Lo, the cycle begins anew.

Well well well, Joe Thornton's re-signed with the Bruins and Eric Lindros is finally playing for the team his dad he always wanted to play for. Hilarity will ensue this season as the Flyers find out that maybe they're not getting back what they gave up in 1991 (when Bobby the Brainless traded half the Flyers--including a young Peter Forsberg) to the Quebec Nordiques for Captain Melonhead) and the Bruins announcers have apoplectic fits whenever Sean Hill looks crosseyed at their golden boy.

As for the 'Canes? Who knows. I think they'll re-sign Josef Vasicek and Erik Cole (after Lavy has a little chat with the both of 'em), I think we'll do decently (but not spectacularly), and who knows? We might REALLY surprise some peeps.