06 March, 2006

I got your "respect" right here.

Joe Tasca of Off-Wing Opinion decided to take a little potshot at me when posting about Brooks Orpik's hit on Erik Cole.

POSTSCRIPT: With all due respect to the Acid Queen, I don’t recall her screaming bloody murder when the Hurricanes had Jesse Boulerice on their roster. Boulerice, if you’ll recall, was charged with and convicted of assault after clubbing Guelph Storm forward Andrew Long in the head with his stick during an OHL playoff game in 1998. Long went into convulsions on the ice and suffered a severe concussion and facial injuries.

Boulerice was banned from the OHL. But he was upstanding enough to play in Carolina.

"Respect". Yeah, right.

For those who don't feel like following a linky, I'll just C&P the comment I left there:

A long time ago, long before he came to Carolina, I made peace with Jesse Boulerice.

I mean, let's look at this--Boulerice has never tried to justify what he did. He's never tried to defend it, he's never tried to make himself look like the wronged party, and he's had no repeat incidents. Plenty of fans have tried to justify that horrifying incident, but every time Jesse's been asked about it he's been pretty consistent in saying that it was stupid of him to do it and that he wishes he could have that moment back so he could make a better decision and NOT swing that stick.

But hey, don't let me keep you from swinging the tar brush at me.

For that matter, Joe, don't let that keep you from swinging the tar brush at the 'Canes...again.