21 February, 2006

Ah, the wonders of modern technology.

No really, I mean that.

I pulled up my e-mail today, and this lovely bit of solicitation was in it:

After visiting your Web Site (http://acidqueen5426.blogspot.com/ ) TicketsSport would be interested in advertising with you. Our advertisement format is generally 15 words containing 2-3 text links, which we provide. You would be able to place the ad anywhere on your home page. I would send payment in full (either by check or PayPal) shortly after our links are posted on your site.

Please respond by email if you are interested in this business opportunity.

I look forward to hearing back from you

Dan Siwak



I decided to jander over to Danny-boy's site and check it out--and lo and behold, what do I see?

Club-level seats at the RBC Center going for $169 a pop (face value is $65).
Seats in the third level going for $35 a pop (they're $12)
Seats in the lower bowl going for anywhere from $75 to $188 a piece (the most expensive ticket in the lower bowl is $125--and that's if you're sitting right on the glass).

And don't even get me started on the prices they're asking for college ball tickets. $2000 for one seat in Cameron Indoor Stadium?

Can we say "gross violation of Paragraph 14-4 of the North Carolina General Statutes", kids? To wit:

"Any person, firm, or corporation shall be allowed to add a reasonable service fee to the face value of the tickets sold, and the person, firm, or corporation which sells or resells such tickets shall not be permitted to recoup funds greater than the combined face value of the ticket, tax, and the authorized service fee. This service fee may not exceed three dollars ($3.00) for each ticket except that a promoter or operator of the property where the event is to be held and a ticket sales agency may agree in writing on a reasonable service fee greater than three dollars ($3.00) for the first sale of tickets by the ticket sales agent. This service fee may be a pre-established amount per ticket or a percentage of each ticket. The existence of the service fee shall be made known to the public by printing or writing the amount of the fee on the tickets which are printed for the event."

Last I checked, TicketsSport wasn't Ticketmaster--who, by the way, is the authorized seller of tickets for Your Carolina Hurricanes. Thanks for the "opportunity", Danny, but I will not be a party to either lawbreaking or highway robbery--mostly because I have personal objections to dirtbags like you scalpers, and partly because I'm an NC resident and don't feel like getting arrested because of your scumbucketry.

Please take your "opportunity" and stuff it.