20 April, 2006

Ahh, the playoffs.

How long it's been.

This is the time that separates the men from the boys and shows how truly craptacular OLN's TV deal with the NHL is--guess which series is the ONLY one that LanceTV errr The Cycling Network errr FlyersTV errr OLN is refusing to show?

If you guessed "Carolina-Montreal", you're right!

You know what? Fuck OLN. It's been my mantra all season, as I've steadfastly boycotted them because they refuse to give a fair shake to the 26 teams in the League not named Philadelphia, New York (Rangers), Colorado, or Detroit.

Moving right along:

The Hurricanes need to not take the Habs lightly. Case in point: Boston. The last two times the Habs and Bruins met in the playoffs, the Habs wound up winning because the Bruins decided "Fuck it, we're up three games to zip--it's Miller Time!" and took a vacation....which culminated in them being sent off to early tee times at Bethpage Black.

Goaltending will be pretty key, here--most wags have Huet starting in goal, but I think that Gainey might toss Aebischer at us instead (in a sort of master/padawan duel). That could be interesting to see. The refs also claim that they're going to call penalties, but I'll believe that the first time I see Ribiero called for diving when he falls to the ice like he's been shot cos Eric Staal looks at him crosseyed.

We'll see--and as I've said before, they'll finish where they finish.