12 April, 2006

Ouch v.my ass

Darren McCarty files for Chapter 7

Wow. 6.2 bills in debt? That's pretty impressive, really--time to start clipping the ol' coupons, I guess.

I kid, I kid--but this really is indicative of the problems that have plagued the guy over the years. Hopefully he can get his life put back together and get everything back on track.

Tomas Vokoun out for remainder of season + playoffs

This is really bad news for the Preds, especially if they're going to rely on Chris Mason to carry them through the playoffs. Don't get me wrong, I like Mase--but dudeman's very hot-and-cold. Unless he gets hot and stays hot (and the rest of the team helps him out), the Predators are one and done.

Congratulations to the Red Wings on winning the President's Jinx Trophy, thus ensuring that I will no longer have to listen to the idiots on fanhome that whine about it like it's more important than the Cup that gets handed out in June.