14 March, 2006

Finally off Ye Olde Schneide.

The Hurricanes snapped their three-game losing streak in grand fashion this evening with a 5-3 smacking of the Rangers (who outshot them almost 2:1!)

Very nice game, with a few exceptions:

1) ATTN: Mike Commodore
Plz to not crosscheck guy in front of a ref, k and thx.

2) ATTN: Hurricanes
Plz to do better job trying to clear puck from zone, k and thx.

3) ATTN: Anton Babchuk
Two words, kiddo: Shooter Tutor.

I was so happy to see Doug Weight moved back to his natural position tonight (Center)--it's where he's most comfortable, and tonight it reaped huge dividends (2g, 2a, First Star) for him. I was also very impressed with Mark Recchi--he was hitting everything with a white jersey on, and had some very nice chances too.

And then there were the durnken asshats sitting behind me in 332 Row D, who were still being served beer even though they were clearly intoxicated, and who should (in my opinion) have been tossed by the RBC securebots (who were posted at each end of the section) when all of us in Row A plus all the people sitting around them complained to the ushers AND to security about them after second period--especially when they were both spotted heading back to their seats from yet another beer stand with a beer in each hand. The game would have been wicked enjoyable were it not for those two morons, who roont a lot of the night for me and everyone else with their drunken jackassery. Bad show by the RBC staff in not being a little more proactive in that matter.