11 September, 2005

People need to get a damn grip.

Hurricanes Warchief picked as Tar Heel of the Week

So now we have two camps in the Caniac Nation (est. 1997): The Francis Loyalists, and everyone else.

The Loyalists need to get a grip--Ron Francis isn't here anymore. He's not coming back. And I have yet to hear anyone with half a clue say that Rod Brind'amour is a better captain, so get over yourselves and stop with the drama please. The Ron Francis era was as good as over when Chairman Mo was deposed. Ronnie has a personality that doesn't mesh well with somebody like Peter Laviolette--who has a lot of respect for the man (as damn well he should), but who has a more aggressive style and personality than Ronnie likes in a coach. Rod isn't a quiet guy like Ronnie is. He lays it on the line and there you go--Ronnie's a lot more mellow and laid-back, which is fine most of the time but it's not what the 'Canes need right now.

Of course, everyone else needs to get a freaking grip as well, and stop bashing Ronnie for requesting that trade to the cheatin' Leafs. Ronnie does what Ronnie does, and I've stopped questioning it a long time ago because that's just the way Ronnie is. I am personally neutral toward him, but I respect him for what he's accomplished and the class he has as a player and a person. He's earned the right to punch his own ticket, and if he chooses to go back to the Make-Beleafs or the Pens or whatever, then so be it and good luck to him.

In other news, Mark Missinghair has finally gotten it through his head that he lost what he had a long time ago (that being his hair), and he's finally going to retire tomorrow.

And it's about damn time, too.