16 October, 2005

The Sunday Seven

Brett Hull has finally decided to hang them up after 19 seasons. No “farewell tour”, no long goodbyes, no fanfare—just a simple (and tearful) “Been real, been fun, but I gotta go.”

I can honestly say I’ll miss the guy—and his mouth. He has a big yap, he’s opinionated, he listens to some seriously cheesy-ass music, but never once was there any doubt that he loved to play.

Thanks for the memories, Brett. I’ll have a donut in your honour.

WTFHURRICANES! Pretty nice recovery (so far) from a slow first three games. Hope it continues—I of course don’t expect my b’ys to be undefeated through the rest of the season and sweep their way to the Cup (though it would be of the nice), but it’s still nice to see that they’re getting on track with the new system so far.

I’ll reserve any kind of “final” judgement about the trend of the team until after the 15th game or so.

If anyone who watched HNIC last night has a recording of After Hours, please let me know so that I may arrange a suitable bribe in exchange for said recording. I’m serious, here.

Good for Nashville, who are 5-0-0 on the season for the first time in their history! Always happy to see another southern team do well, and I hope it continues for them because I’ve always liked the Predators (and their town, and the fans—even if they do get a little “over the top” sometimes).

After watching the “fun” that was the Atlanta-Toronto game the other night (the one that the Leafs won 9-1), I have a few comments:

4 games is way too light a suspension for Andy Sutton (who is also a wuss for chickening out of a fight with Jason Allison—who, even though he’s a Leaf, does deserve some Major Bollocks Points for being willing to fight even though he’s one punch away from having his brains turn to jell-o). I am no fan of Darcy Tucker, but Sutton deserves a much stiffer suspension for grabbing his head and smashing it into the glass as he boarded him.

How does Garnet Exelby NOT have a Third Man In suspension for holding Tie Domi’s arms back so that Eric Boulton could take free shots at him? You can argue (and several Thrashers fans have been arguing) that Domi was the third man in, but considering Boulton and Lindros weren’t fighting when Domi entered the picture, I have to disagree on this.

Proud “mom” moment: I don’t have Centre Ice, so I have to wait for the OLN games to watch the Rangers—but early returns have Harry quietly doing a good job on the Rangers’ blue line. *wipes a tear away* I’m so proud of him (and those in the Caniac Nation (est. 1997) that still bash him can kiss my big ass).

Jay Grossman is a sleaze. Just looking at him makes my skin crawl, and have any of you lot ever seen/read an interview with him? Eeeeeeegh! And Ilya Kovalchuk’s girlfriend/babymomma has a face like a carp. If I ran her up a flagpole like a windsock, will she bring me good luck?

And there’s your Sunday Seven.