04 October, 2005

Is The Acid Queen gonna have to choke a bitch?!

I swear to Malik, if I hear anything more about how people in North Carolina only like college frickin' basketball and Neckcar, I am going to KILL SOMEBODY.



In a lot of ways, my childhood in North Dakota prepared me for living down here. I was one of four hockey fans in a town of about 1500, and it was a big pain in my ass not being able to follow my team except in boxscores and late Sunday nights on the George Michael Sports Machine (back then, I barracked for the Edmonton Oilers--sue me, they were the first team I ever saw play back in 1980). The big things were basketball and racin', and I loathed them back then, too.

The loathing only deepens every time some know-nothing from north of the Mason-Dixon line (or, more commonly, north of the 49th Parallel) shoots off his ign'ant mouth and paints us all as a bunch of terbacky-chawin' sibling-boffin' moonshinin' rednecks that don't know from anything other than Neckcar or basketball. It just makes me so angry, because those blanket statements are borne of nothing other than ignorance and laziness--and those who know me know that those are two things that really drive me up the wall. That's like saying that (for example) all Canucks fans are knuckle-dragging low-IQ thugs because of a handful of (usually drunk) neanderthals that riot whenever the Canucks lose in the playoffs, when anyone with half a clue and the desire to do even the tiniest bit of work can look and plainly see that such is not the case.

Laziness in reporting just pisses me off. No, not everybody is that way--I realize that--but unfortunately there are enough of "the right people" (Bristol, random Toronto/Montreal/Winnipeg/Detroit/wherever mediots, etc.) that are engaged in that kind of laziness that the perception has become the reality. I'm sick of it. I'm tired of it. I'm not going to put up with it.

In other news:

Poor Andy was claimed off waivers by the Columbus Blue Jackets today. From one team I hate to another--that poor sod, he just can't catch a break can he?