11 October, 2005

A great wailing and gnashing of teeth....or something.

And the reviews of the new rules are in, and they are mixed.

I also don’t give a flip what anyone else thinks—here’s what I think of the new rules:

  1. Interference calls, and lots of them: I fail to see how this is a problem for people—after years of screaming that the refs don’t bother enforcing the rules, they finally start doing it and people scream about it? Ananalsphincter says what? I mean, sure—it shows how piss-poor the Hurricanes’ power play is (WORST IN THE FREAKING LEAGUE AGAIN….so far), but still; what’s wrong with actually enforcing the rules? For example, the NHL rulebook clearly states in Rule 67 that “A strict standard of interference must be adhered to in all areas of the rink, with emphasis on interference in the Neutral Zone.” Where’s the problem (as long as the refs call the penalties like they should all season)? I don’t see a problem. I actually LIKE it when the refs make the calls instead of letting crap slide.

  2. Score, score, score some more: Well…..meh. I like goals—but I also love a great goalie deathmatch. I’ve seen some damn exciting 0-0 and 1-1 ties, and I’ve seen some mind-numbingly boring 11-and 12-goal games. You can say that I’m in the middle on this one—after all, the object of the game IS to put the puck in the opponents’ net more times than they put the puck in your net. But at the same time, anyone who claims a game is boring just because nobody scored (or because it was low-scoring) should go see their doctor about getting put on Strattera, because s/he clearly can’t pay freaking attention.

  3. Shootouts STILL suck! I don’t care if my team wins every shootout they’re in this season—I STILL HATE SHOOTOUTS. What’s the freaking point of fighting back from eleventy billion goals down to get a tie, only to wind up losing because the three biggest floaters on the other team are better shots than your three biggest floaters?

  4. TRAPEZOID! Who the hell is the latter-day Pythagoras that came up with this one? Why don’t they just say that Martin Brodeur and Marty Turco can’t do what they can do better (i.e. play the puck) than any other goalie in the League and have done with it? I mean, I hate the Devils and have no love for the Stars—but come the hell on already. Instead of a Harrison Bergeron-like solution to prop up teams with goalies that can’t play the puck to save their lives, why not simply make goalies fair game if they leave their crease?

In other news:

My favorite defensively-challenged (and slightly cross-eyed) defenseman, Poor Andy Delmore, has been sent down to Syracuse of the AHL. That poor sod, he just can’t catch a break can he?