03 November, 2005

AQ throws down gauntlet, film at 11.


I notice, “good” sir, that you address Christopher Hutsul’s article in the 31 October edition of the Toronto Star about you—and yet you refuse to say even one word about Chris Young’s post in his blog about those of us who have exposed you as the fraud that you are.

Why is that?

Is it because you know that you haven’t a leg to stand on, and that you’ll only wind up further contradicting yourself?

I wonder if the powers that be at Rogers Sportsnet know about the strong evidence that you fabricate your “hot insider info” from whole cloth and like to lift your “inside information” straight from the message-board posts of others?

Show some sack, boy—face those of us who have exposed the cracks in your armor, and let’s see your bona fides.

You’re on the clock, so I suggest you get on it.