30 November, 2005

David Frost, Waste of Skin and Air

The CBC's wonderful program The Fifth Estate will be covering the sad saga of Mike Jefferdanton and David Frost tonight at 9 Eastern. Hopefully they'll put the video online so that those of us in the States who don't get the Ceeb will be able to watch it.

My one big question is this:

Why in the Nine Hells is David Frost still being allowed by the NHLPA to represent players?

This whole saga is sad and twisted—possibly more twisted than the Graham James saga (which was plenty sad and twisted in its own right). The CBC's Bob McKeown (host of The Fifth Estate) made the comment that the beyond-bizarre relationship between Frost and his client is “...like a cross between an Elmore Leonard novel and a Coen brothers movie.

That's very true, but I think there's a dash of Tarantino and a sprinkling of Fellini in there, too.

Why, Ted Saskin? Why do you still have this sick, disgusting, abusive piece of crap certified as an agent even after all this new information about his low character and sick paranoia has come out? What will it take for him to finally have his cert yanked? I'd love to know, seriously.

For that matter, given his antics in the Ontario junior leagues, why the hell was he even given a cert in the first place? Oh wait, that's right—he coached Bully Bob Goodenow's son. That cert should never have been given in the first place. This is a guy who's established himself as a con artist and a world-class wankstain, and yet he's not only given an agent's cert by the NHLPA, but he's STILL allowed to sink his hooks into young players by parents who just want to see their sons make it to the NHL.

It makes me sick, just sick.

EDIT: The video is up online here: http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/rogueagent/index.html -- Click on the little videocam on the right-hand side of the page to watch this bizarre-ass story.