09 December, 2005

Frankie goes to Hollywood

You people have no idea how long I've been waiting to use that subject line--though had this blog been around when the 'Canes signed Frantisek Kaberle, I guess I could have changed "Hollywood" to "Raleighwood" and used it then. But I digress.

The 'Canes will be finishing up their Pacific Division roadie tomorrow night at the Shark Tank--and what a roadtrip it's been.

I guess the Great One heard about my posts on several message boards where I called the NHL on their favoritism in enforcing the Instigator Rule v2.0, where you can't be fined and your player can't be suspended if your name is Wayne Gretzky--because that game agin the Coyotes was B to the R to the U-T-A-L. Ugh.

The rest of the roadtrip has gone fairly well, though. That amazes me, because historically this team sucks more than a twink in a Bel Ami video during the month of December. Of course, this is basically a new team this season, so I guess I shouldn't be so surprised.

One thing that some people have commented on in other blogs (and which I'm going to comment on here) is the Hurricanes' using the "Hrudey Defense" to protest Mike Modano's shootout winner in Dallas. I've seen that goal, and I firmly believe that my beloved Hurricanes were waaaaay off-base making that argument. If they'd wanted to argue that Modano was stopped by Gerber (thus rendering the puck dead) and that he had given the puck another tap to put it in, then I could see it (especially since the Preds got fux0red like that a while back when Jeremy Roenick did much the same thing to give the Kings a shootout win). But the argument that Lavi et. al. tried to make wasn't the right one--in my rules-lawyerly opinion, of course.

See, the 'Canes should hire me. I'm a gamer, I can rules-lawyer like there's no tomorrow!

In other news, is the new CBA up anywhere? Inquiring minds want to know!