07 March, 2006

Oh for the love of the gods.

I suppose I'm going to have to take that "Heavy Metal" quote out of my post about Erik Cole and his fractured vertebra now, because freaking nobody got that it was not wholly serious--which, I guess, is what I get for assuming that some of my readers are either smart or well-read enough to not need a Grade 1 primer for everything I post here.

I'm not bloody screaming for anyone's head--trust me, if I were I wouldn't be quoting Hanover Fiste (if you're that movie-impaired, go rent "Heavy Metal") AND I'd be a lot more persistent in posting about it. But I stand by my anger, and I stand by my Billy The Rapist comment, because a lot of the Pens fans that have defended the hit or said that Cole "got what he deserved" are the same people that defended the Pens' signing Billy Tibbets right out of prison.

I'm not posting Orpik's address, I'm not saying he should be kicked out of the League, I'm not even demanding that he be given a career-ending hit in retaliation--which are all things that certain individuals in message-board land have done or called for (and actions that I've decried--but I guess since I didn't do it here, it didn't really happen). But I have the right to be angry about the hit, a right to be angry about the lame-ass "justifications" for it, and I damn sure have a right to be angry about the paltry suspension. Had Colesy been playing for one of the Favored Teams, I guarandamntee that suspension would have been a lot longer.

You want to tag me with an unoriginal title like "Canidiot"? Go ahead. You want to bring up Jesse Boulerice as if that somehow makes me unqualified to render any sort of opinion whatsoever? It's all you. But you can also take that tar brush that you feel the need to swing at me because of a few mouthbreathing idiots that think that being angry qualifies them to be even dumber than they already are, light it on fire, and shove it where the goal light doesn't shine.

Get the Hel over yourselves, people.