22 April, 2006


Dear Montreal Canadiens,

On behalf of the rest of the Caniac Nation, I apologize for the extreme crappiness of the cheerleader that sings our national anthem like she's some kind of pop star and completely butchers "O Canada" because--again--she thinks she's some kind of pop star or something. I and quite a few other fans have complained about her over the course of the season, but we've been told that we're pretty much stuck with her (personally? I think she's somebody's girlfriend).

To sum up: We know our anthem singer sucks. We're sorry she butchered your national anthem--would you please quit taking your ire out on our team? Thanks.


The Acid Queen

Dear Hurricanes fans;

The boys got wtfpwnt in their first game of the regular season too, and damn near everybody and his uncle round these parts were ready to get the gas cans and go out to immolate themselves in front of the RBC Center--but look how things turned out.

Take heart, friends and neighbours--it's one game in a seven game series. Yes, the 'Canes played like crap and got their heads handed to them on a platter. Fine. Take the lesson from it, and move on to Monday.

There's still a lot of hockey to be played.


p.s. If anyone has decided they want to abandon the team based on a bad game, please contact me at acidqueen (at) streetneeds.com and I'll be happy to take your ticket off your hands.