16 September, 2005

Never let it be said...

...that I'm a sympathetic individual--at least when it comes to certain once-free spending teams in the NHL.

Check this out.

That last letter just kills me--and of course they had to have the token letter from the redneck whining that he'll never attend another hockey game ever (he must be the vendor I argued with at work the other day, who had zero fucking clue about what happened in Hartford and the events surrounding the departure of the Whale...and then treated me as if I was stupid just for pointing out how full of crap he was).


YOU ARE NOT THE MOST DEVOTED FANS IN THE GAME, SO GET THE HELL OVER YOUR DAMN SELVES ALREADY. I swear to Malik, half the people calling themselves "fans" of those classless (except for Steve Yzerman and possibly Andy Delmore) motherfuckers in Detroit couldn't even name the members of the Production Line and when they played. They probably wouldn't be able to say even two sentences about Ted Lindsay without having to look it up. If you're devoted, you should know something about your team and be able to talk about them other than to say "UR TEAM SUX, UR JUST JEALOUZ CUZ WE HAVE THREE CUPZ" or some other such low-IQ chav nonsense.

I have absolutely zero sympathy for the fans of high-spending teams that are whining because those teams have had to dump all these players on account of a salary cap that EACH AND EVERY OWNER approved. Half these people are the same ones who whine because division champs get the top three seeds in each division--again, something that each and every owner approved.

Folks, I suggest you get the hell over it because this is the way it is--and your owners voted for it, so blame them instead of blaming the Nashvilles and Carolinas of the league.