25 September, 2005

OK, this is getting old.

People, leave Luke DeCock the hell alone already.

"Wah wah wah, the N&O is biased against the Hurricanes! Boo hoo hoo, Luke DeCock hates the Hurricanes! Waaaaah, we don't have any coverage!"


I'm sick and tired of people expecting nothing but blind homerism from their local press, just sick of it. I'm sick of people bashing Luke DeCock because he has the unmitigated gall to wield the Reality Bat. I have to laugh when I read a post on a message board from some idiot with like four teeth in his whole head (and half as many braincells) calling the N&O's chief 'Canes correspondent "Luke Cock" and thinking that he's somehow clever for saying that. Hello, did we just finish grade school? I also have to laugh at the people that get their panties in a wad whenever I say:

"If all you want is blind homerism, then you might be better off being a Bruins fan--then you can read the Boston Globe, which is all about fellating the Bruins."

For example, one mental giant said the following to me:

You have repeatedly considered it your prerogative to order other fans to vacate the premises and follow another team. It isn't, and they shouldn't.

Have we failed reading comprehension? Perhaps we're just a little oversensitive. All I did was make a suggestion--not an order. If it bothers you, then perhaps it's because I struck a nerve.


Yes, I agree that Luke can be harsh. Yes, I agree that he can overdo the snark at times. But he's Not. That. Bad. And everyone needs to Get. Over. Themselves.