29 September, 2005

Am I the only one...

Who is pissed off about the network TV schedule for this NHL season? It can't be just me.

I fail to see that it's any different than Bristol's old TV schedule--the same five fucking teams, shown over and over and over again. The DEFENDING STANLEY CUP CHAMPION TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING slighted because they 1) had the bollocks to beat the Comcast's favorite team in the Eastern Conference finals and 2) are playing the Hurricanes. Small-market teams given short shrift again because they're not "marketable" (i.e. they're not one of the five that were Favored of Bristol and now Favored (but not as much as the Flyers) of Comcast).

Gee, the more things change.....

Screw you, Comcast and OLN. Screw you for pandering to the lowest common denominator and being lazy. Screw you for falling back on what's easy rather than actually putting in some work to market some of the smaller-market teams that have players that are exciting to watch. I couldn't give two shits about Peter Forsberg, Joe Sakic, Jaromir Jagr, Sidney frickin' Crosby, or Brendan fucking Shanahan--I'd rather watch Eric Staal, Rostislav Klesla, Marian Gaborik, Jarome Iginla, and (if Don Waddell gets off his ass and signs him) Ilya Kovalchuk. Screw you, Comcast AND NBC AND the NHL, for showing such blatant favoritism. If you've got a thirty team goddamn league, then give all damn thirty teams equal frickin' time. The only reason the Hurricanes and the Predators and the Smoking Jackets and the Kings and the Ducks and the Stars and the Lightning and the Flames and the Sens and the Oilers and the rest of the teams that are buggered by this schedule don't get any ratings IS BECAUSE YOU IDJITS DON'T BLOODY SHOW THEM! And when they DO get shown, the bias of the announcers toward whatever "marquee" team they're playing is so disgusting that I can't even watch more than half an hour of it.

I'm not willing to settle for just having the NHL on TV--to hell with that, and to hell with the people telling me to just suck it up and be happy with what I've got because it's better than nothing. I don't have that time for the "we'll take what we can get and be happy about it" mentality.

I'd rather have nothing at all, if the alternative is more of the same old fellating of the same old five or six teams.