03 October, 2005

Oy vey.

Bruno St. Jacques (the Hurricanes' #10 guy on their depth chart) was traded to the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim for Craig Adams today, and of course we've got people crying in their beers about it on various message boards.

Spare me the drama, children.

Look--Bruno was #10 on the depth chart behind Danny Richmond. He had a horrible training camp and was not fitting in at all well with Lavy's system. It's far better for him to have a change of scenery and try his luck with a different team than to be dropping further and further down the Hurricanes' depth chart.

As for CAdams? He's a Lowell man. That's where he's going, that's where he's more than likely going to stay barring injuries to our top 9 and the guys immediately behind them on the depth chart--in the grand scheme of things, it was a minor-leaguer for a minor-leaguer. Why didn't we sign CAdams instead of (as one individual put it) "[giving] Bruno the boot to get [him] back"?

Because Adams wanted a one-way contract and more money than the Hurricanes could justify paying him, that's why. It amazes me that people don't fucking pay attention to these things or bother to spend even the tiniest bit of effort trying to find this stuff out on their own before opening their damn yaps. Sheesh, even I learned to do that after a while.

In other news:

'Canes GM Jimmy Rutherford said today at a roundtable luncheon that Radim Vrbata was being kept on a very short leash for the first two months of the season, since he was having so much trouble in training camp.

OK, now this is indicative of Rutherford's big failing as a GM--he holds on to a guy when his stock is down to pennies on the dollar, and then trades him for what amounts to nickel slugs. If Verb is having so much trouble and if he's not fitting into the current system, then bloody trade him already! Trade him NOW, and try to get some value for him! Mind you, I don't expect the world for a 7th-round draft pick, but come on--at least get SOMETHING decent for him.

And the Detroit Red Wings have, so I'm told, waived Andy Delmore (Poor Bastards List entry #403). Those of you who know me know that I tend to adopt the hard-luck cases (like Poor Andy) because I have a soft spot for those kind of guys. If you had a team of all my favorite players, they'd be like at the bottom of the League every season--but at least they'd have one fan.

(and I harbor a secret desire to see us nab the guy off waivers and give him a shot--then he won't have to face the Nashville boo-birds 8 times a season. Love Nashville, love the people, like the Preds--but damn y'all are a rough crowd.)