21 December, 2005

A donation in your name has been made to The Human Fund....

Andy Delmore got called up--and of course it was AFTER the Blue Jackets were in town, which meant that there was no good-natured teasing to be had from me. Ah well--there's always a roadie to Tampa in January, since it looks like Gruumsh One-Eye errr Bryan Berard will be laid up with that bulging disc in his back for a good while yet.

And speaking of the 2004 Cup Champs, the Hurricanes beat them in a 6-4 thriller last night at the RBC. Happy Yule to me, the 'Canes are 7 points out in front of the rest of the Southeast now. *dances* Love the Lightning--when they're not playing us or anywhere near us in the standings. It's a sibling-rivalry thing, see.

In other news: Team USA announced its selections the other night--and I find myself wondering what in the Nine Hells GM Don Waddell was thinking when he green-lit this roster.

Chris Chelios? Derian Hatcher? Pudge Tkachunk? Do they want to lose in Turin? I mean, I realize that the crop of US-born defensemen is a little on the thin side right now--but I'd take Bret Hedican or Brian Leetch or even Eric freaking Weinrich and his fog-lamp visor over two slugs like Hatcher and Chelios. And for forwards? Hello, I'll take an in-shape (if a little streaky) Matt Cullen or even a slightly over-the-hill Tony bloody Amonte or a VERY over-the-hill John LeClair over Keith Tkachuk's injured and loafy ass. The only way Waddell could have hosed this up more than he did is if he'd put Gruumsh on the roster.

At least they didn't put Jeremy Roenick on the team--so perhaps the furniture in Turin will be safe this time around (and I'm the King of Siam). If Peter Laviolette manages to get this team to anything more than 4th place (if they're lucky), with the defense he's got, I will PERSONALLY greet him at the airport when he comes back with a mariachi band, a gallon bottle of Spañada, and a box of White Owls--cos...damn.

I'll give the princely sum of 1650 Lire to anyone who tapes a sign to Keith Tkachuk's back that reads "GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!" I'll pay double if you provide me with photographic proof of the deed, and triple if you get the reference.

And if Eric Staal doesn't make Team Canada, I'm going to don blue and gold and cheer for Sweden this year. I'm part Swedish, people--I'm allowed (and France isn't sending a team anyway, as far as I know). And it'll annoy Golbez, which means that it'll be more fun for me.

Moving right along!

I do seem to have stirred up quite a hornet's nest with my little rant last week about the double-standard that a lot of fans (and a good many mediots) love to use when it comes to judging what's a good hockey market or not. I find it strangely amusing--but at the same time, I don't care if people like what I say on the topic or not. I stand by my assertion that if Carolina's a bad market because the attendance isn't in the top half of the League, then Boston and Chicago and all the other markets that don't sell out their building every night are bad markets too--and nobody will convince me otherwise, ever.

On a much more serious note, Phyllis Gretzky passed away on Monday night after a lengthy battle with lung cancer. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Gretzky family at this time.

Have a Happy Yule, folks. Please enjoy time with your families, and let your loved ones know that you love them.