31 January, 2006

An open letter to a dirty thief.

Dear "Mr. Pheer":

I didn't give you permission to hijack my Atom feed and pass off stuff that I post in MY blog as your own writing so that you can turn a profit. I've disabled my blog's feed now, specifically because of you and your scumsucking thievery.

To my readers that have been inconvenienced by this, I give my apologies. My blog isn't the only one that this miserable piece of monkey-crap has decided to thieve from--he's also thieving from Kukla's Corner, Jes Golbez's Hockey Rants, Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed (the proprietors of which have disabled their RSS feed), and several others.

Fuck you very much you dirtbag, and please get the hell off the Internet.


The Acid Queen

(BTW, readers--eWoss.com DOES have my permission to syndicate my blog.)