21 January, 2006

Doof bleibt doof......

Ay caramba.

So let's see--the 'Canes are at the top of the NHL, and have a surprisingly slack crowd against the Islanders on Thursday night. So of course the Idiot Brigade in the fanbase has commenced to whining that "we suck as fans" and engaging in the exact same shit that we've bitched about for years--calling this a bad market because the RBC isn't sold out for every single game.

Just got back from the game and was disgusted with the showing of fans for the game.

Doesn't the best in the NHL deserve more than that?

12,000 in attendance is an embarrassment. This organization should be getting worried about this market. What the hell would it be like if the Canes were 10-32 instead of 32-10? 6,000 or less? Ridiculous. The Canes need to do something. A 4 or 5 pack mini-plan would be a nice start. Every other team does something like this.

(And now we are going to hear from all those who have excuses why they can't go to most of the games.........no money, my dog died, I like in Oklahoma or Fayetteville, blah.....blah......blah). Go Canes...........and if you really care I'll see you at the RBC EACH AND EVERY GAME!!!!!

And so on.

That last one is my favorite--that came from some "Sooper Sekrit Team Insider" who made veiled claims to have a line into the locker room and thus knows everything about the team.

Riiiight. Me? I just talk to people.

Look--Thursday's attendance was teh sux0r. Nobody is denying this. But calling people bad fans because they can't make every game? What? Screaming and crying for partial season ticket plans when the 'Canes already offer them? Where was the cheering from these losers when the 'Canes sold out against the St. Louis freaking Blues (on a Military Appreciation Day--which, btw, is what the Crapitals had when they had 17K in the house)?

Nowhere. That's where they were.

Let me break it down for the Idiot Brigade: Going to every game does not make one a good fan. Not going to every game does not make one a bad fan. The fanbase needs time, period--or, as another person put it:

Hey, I grew up in Philadelphia in the 70s and they were the joke of the league in attendance as an "expansion club" for years until the Broad Street Bullies won the cup. There was talk that hockey would not survive in Philadelphia and that expansion should never have happened. Sound familiar???!!! Since then, you have to inherit season tickets to regularly see a Flyers game. The point is, it takes years of playoff appearances to kick start interest among casual fans and corporate sponsors. They start leagues and then youth start playing hockey instead of the traditional sports. That does not happen in seven years, particularly if the team is inconsistent AND is in an area where hockey was infrequently seen. To think that playing fantastic hockey for four months is suddenly going to pack the house every night is pretty shortsighted in my opinion. Would I like to see it, you bet! Do I expect to see it yet, no!

Couldn't have said it better myself.