06 February, 2006

Don't be hatin'? YEAHRIGHT.

Ottawa Sun columnist Erin Nicks levels her guns at the Golden Child this week:


Yanno what? I agree with her. I'm sure that Sid's a nice kid and all--but come on, people. The amount of excusemaking that people have been engaging in for the kid's behaviour this season is absolutely mind-boggling.

I'm sorry, but if it was (for example) Aleksandr Ovechkin whining and crying like Sid's been doing, fans, the mediots north of 49, and Don freaking Cherry (who is in a class all by himself) would have been all over him like white on rice.

Ovechkin should be the poster boy for the New NHL. This is a guy who just loves to play and doesn't give a rat's ass that his team is in the freaking basement--give him a stick and a pair of skates and point him to the ice, and he's a happy camper. So what if his English isn't that great? I met the guy in Raleigh--his English is miles better now than it was in 2004, trust me. He's a smart guy, he's personable, wickedly skilled, and he loves what he does and does well no matter how the Capitals are doing.

Or, as he once put it: "So? I've got Halpern and (lists off 5 other teammates)."

Sure, he's a little on the arrogant side (and he freely admits it, so perhaps he's not quite so arrogant)--but the dude is wise enough to know what's up and that he's responsible for himself and what he does, and he's a team player.

Sid can't say that--and yet the chances are good that he'll be getting the Calder Trophy in June. Yet another accolade that he hasn't earned.