07 February, 2006

The shit, it is about to hit the fan.

Well. I get off work this morning, come home to take a nap, and I wake up to see this:

Coyotes' Assistant Coach accused in multi-state gambling ring

Wow. How damn stupid do you have to be to get involved with something like that? I mean, really.

According to reports, about a half-dozen players are named as participants in the ring--two names that have come out so far (thanks to a station in Philly) are:

Mark Recchi
and the real kick in the nads--

Janet Jones.

You know, Wayne Gretzky's wife?

And of course, good ol' Jeremy Roenick is probably going to be implicated--if noted degenerate bettor Jaromir Jagr ISN'T involved in this, I'll be surprised.

There's also an ugly rumor floating around that a GM is involved--but that comes from Eklund the Fraud and not from any legitimate source, so I'm going to go ahead and file that under "bullshit until reported by someplace with some credibility".

OK, so according to all reports that have come out so far, none of the current NHLers involved have bet on hockey. That still doesn't change the fact that not only have they broken the law (and probably an NHLPA bylaw or three), but it's also in the process of giving the NHL yet another huge black eye--and how does it look for the Penguins, given that one of the individuals whose name has come out so far is currently sitting on their roster?

Brace yourselves, folks. We're about to be in for one hell of a bumpy ride.