03 February, 2006

Looking into the Abyss

Not really.

I'm still a little shellshocked, right now.

Wow, first place in the League. Right now, of course. It just boggles my mind--of course, it also bugs the piss out of me because of the idjits that decided to come out of the woodwork and start acting like fuckheads because (for starters) Scott Cullen at TSN refuses to put the Hurricanes at #1 in his power rankings despite the fact that the 'Canes have been winning even though they have a metric assload of injuries.

Look, fellow Caniacs--the guy has made it clear that he doesn't like us and that that's why he refuses to rank us any higher than 3rd or 4th. Therefore, it is useless to hammer him with metric assloads of mouth-breathing stupidity and semiliterate rantings about jealousy and disrespect and whatever else. In fact, it's just plain wrong to hammer him with all that crap in the first place--and if you've done it, I don't EVEN want to hear you bitching about assy behaviour from fans of other teams.


In case you haven't noticed, the theme of this post is "Don't be a frickin' dumbass, you frickin' dumbass."

(and no, there will be no frickin' sharks with frickin' lasers on their frickin' foreheads in this post.)


I have a serious problem with people that act like shitheads in another team's barn. You go, you cheer when your team scores, you shout encouragement to your team, and then you get in you car and go the hell home after the game. Period. If you can't say anything nice to the home team's fans, then just shut the hell up. If you can't be respectful toward the other team's fans as a guest in their house, then just stay the hell home. If any of the home team's fans act like fools toward you, get an usher to deal with 'em. If you see any of your fellow fans acting like fools, tell 'em to knock it the hell off and stop making you look bad--and if they turn their guns on you, get an usher to deal with 'em.

Of course, I say this as somebody who's taken the law into her own hands when ushers refuse to take care of fellow Caniacs that feel the need to show their asses.

Teams that I hate, and fanbases that I hate, I don't hate out of jealousy. I don't envy them their success--the gods favor those that they feel are worthy, and I learned long ago not to argue with them--and arrogantly blowing my hate off as "envy" doesn't do anything except reinforce that hatred, because if it's one thing I don't envy it's an asshat with a small e-peen.

Just my thoughts on the matter.