12 March, 2006

Open Letter, v. WTFarepeoplethinking

ATTN: Jack Johnson, University of Michigan defenseman
FROM: The Acid Queen, Hockey blogger

SUBJ: Spring Fever

Greetings from your future NHL home! I see that you're having a great time in the NCAA playoffs for UMich, and that you're planning to stay another three years.

My advice:

Follow through with those plans.

Y'see, Jack, a few souls in the 'Canes fanbase are salivating at the idea of you joining the Hurricanes after the Wolverines' season is done. Some of these people are actively campaigning on message boards and in other locales (see comments) for you to be signed the instant you're done with the NCAA season, and to hell with how it may harm your development, whether or not you're actually ready for the NHL yet, or whether or not you actually want to sign with the 'Canes after you're done with this year at UMich.

Please stay at UMich, young man. I would much rather see you come to the Hurricanes after four years of careful development under the watchful eye of Red Berenson and actually be ready to go (not to mention having a college education), than see you be rushed and not be as great as people had hoped. The people that are screaming the loudest for you to be signed by the 'Canes are blind homers that just want to see you chucking flying elbows at random people in the playoffs, and frankly they aren't worth listening to in the first place. These are the same people that drive up to Martinsville or down to Charlotte or Talladega only to come home pissed off when there isn't a wreck, so really you're better off just ignoring them.

(Gods, I don't even believe I used a NASCAR reference)

Think of all the good things that college has to offer--an education, first and foremost among them. Stay in school and get that edjamacation before you hie off to the green fields of the NHL, and fuhgeddabout what a scattered handful of fools want. Do what's best for you so that when the time comes you can do what's best for the Hurricanes.


The Acid Queen