29 April, 2006

2 + 2 = series

I decided to sleep on this one.

Still can't pay attention to the team, lest they wind up losing--which makes it a good thing that none of you know where I live so I won't get some deranged Habs fan coming to my house or place of ork to blast Game 4 at me. Ha ha.

As for the officiating.....it sucks. No, HabsFan, there is NO FREAKING CONSPIRACY to make the Habs lose--so get over yourself please. The officiating is what it is, and it is gard-arful. It always has been, it probably always will be until somebody with actual brains (and some vision wouldn't be bad either) gets into the head ref's chair at League HQ, so stop frickin' whining.

Anyway. Erin Nicks asked me, in a comment on my previous post, for my take on Saku Koivu's eye injury--from a Hurricanes fan's perspective.

I've suffered traumatic eye injury before--not quite as scary as Koivu's injury was, but still scary enough (especially since I was 11 at the time. When you're 11 lots of things like this are world-shatteringly scary). Very very few Canes fans are being assy about this on the boards, and that's a good thing--especially when the few asshats (like the mouthbreathing idiot on letsgocanes.com that said (and I quote) "I sure hope Koivu is alright....but cannot play for a few weeks") get piled on by the rest of us that know all too well about scary-ass injuries.

(Fuckin' Orpik.)

(Shut up, Michael.)

I do have to laugh, though, at the Habs fans (and Pat Hickey) that are making Justin Williams out to be some kind of crazed serial axe murderer because of a freakish accident. I mean, seriously, all y'all in Habs Nation need to get a damn grip. It wasn't like Willy thought "Oh gee, Koivu's bent over--I'll just go ahead and try to harvest his eye!" That's just stupid talk--but then, these are the same people that are screaming and crying that there's some kind of conspiracy in the League office to keep the Cup away from all the Canadian teams, so there you go.

Hopefully Saku will be as lucky as I was, the damage won't be that severe, and he can come back in this series. I also very sincerely hope that he makes a speedy and (most importantly) complete recovery.

Go Canes.