24 April, 2006


You know what blows hearty chunks?

Getting offered a FREE ticket to the game tonight....and having no frickin' way to get there, AND having to go to work too.

Yeah, that happened to me.

Tonight is Game 2. HOPEfully, the 'Canes have gotten their shit straight and won't be pissin' around like they were on Saturday night (gods that game blew--unless you're a Habs fan). I personally won't be there--not by choice, either--so Holly Wilver won't have to hear me hollering "WE WANT KAREN!" tonight. I mean, damn. If they're going to get a popstar, then they might as well get a popstar who actually sings in a band and won't butcher a frickin' tune.

Gerber will be in net tonight. I'm sure the Canadiens are salivating at that, but I don't think that the guy will be as off tonight as he was the other night. Little Ray Whitney's back, too--and thank the gods for that, because we surely need him on the power play.

Just wish Cole was back, too. Fuckin' Orpik.

Go Canes.

(Fuckin' Orpik.)