01 July, 2006

Doin' the Apocalypso

Happy First Day of Free Agency, hockey fans--and for our Canadian brethren, a very happy Canada Day. I'll be sure to light off some firecrackers in your honoUr after I get off work tonight.


Here's how it stands right now for the Hurricanes:

Matt Cullen and Aaron Ward are more than likely gonzo--which is sad, but we have to look at the hard reality of things. Cully, when he was on, was a scoring machine. Unfortunately, he tended to be off more than he was on. AWard, meh. Good, but worth the large payday he's looking for? I don't think so. (I note, btw, that in my previous post about our defense, I said nothing about AWard staying or leaving. So don't go thinking I'm suddenly turning on the guy because he might be leaving us). If he wants to go back to Detroit, so be it. Good luck, Wardo.

Erik Cole wants a one-year deal from the 'Canes, ostensibly so he can test the UFA market after this coming season. Personally? I think it's so that he can see how much he might command if he shows that he's definitely come back from his injury--so it's more than simply wanting to see if he can cash in. He just wants to show that he can still bring the heat, and there's no crime in that.

Eric Staal's going to be signed today (if he hasn't been signed by the time I get this posted). All signs point to a three-year deal.

Next up: trying to find a backup.