28 June, 2006

Welcome to Reality, PanthersFan.

I was dinkin' around teh intarnet today, and came across this little gem on a hockey board from some random Florida bitterman:

Good Luck you fans in Vancouver. Luongo was a great goalie here in Fla but the incessant whining about his contract grew quite old!! He got bad advice from his agent and now he has to deal with it. He and his agent thought they could milk the Panthers out of millions he didn't deserve having NEVER played a playoff game. You will see what you are getting and wait until he has to sign a contract. he will ask for the moon with nothing to show behind him

It was all I could do to keep from pointing and laughing at this guy--I mean, hello? Luongo's the only friggin' reason the Panthers stayed one step above the basement the last three seasons! Nothing to show? You're kidding, right? Your top defensive pairing consists of Mike Van Ryn and the bastard lovechild of Henry Rollins and Huey Lewis Sean Hill, and you talk about how Luongo is no good?

Excuse me for a moment, I think I'm about to lose bladder control from laughing so hard.

Give it up, Florida fans. Roberto Luongo is a franchise goaltender, and Keenan just threw him to a team with some actual talent (and Nolan Baumgartner) to put in front of him--and you have the bollocks to bash the guy?

I hope the 'Canes give every season-ticket holder a replica Cup ring, just so I can wave mine in your faces and say "SEE WHAT YOU WON'T BE GETTING FOR A GOOD LONG WHILE?" I mean, seriously.

It would be so fitting--so very very fitting--to have a Panthers-Canucks Final, with a Luongo-backstopped Canucks team beating the crap out of the Panthers. Then we'd see who has "nothing to show behind him".