27 June, 2006

Frankie Stays In Raleighwood....

...for four more years

At least, until they decide to trade him at the Kalends of November--not that I'm still a teensy bit bitter about Black Friday or anything.

Anyway. The length isn't so bad, but the money is kinda stupid for a defenseman--just in me opinion. And before ANY of you mooks say anything, I did make a similar comment about another defenseman's contract back last summer (in a post that, for some reason, Blogger's decided to eat).

The 'Canes also made qualifying offers to some core young guys on the team. Some folks aren't really thrilled about Chad LaRose getting a QO, but really? He's one of those energy guys that you kinda need to have on your team. Never going to be a huge scorer, but you need him to help keep things loose.

OBTW: This blog's going to be moving soon. Will post new URL when I get everything set up and ready to go.