25 December, 2005

Oh my head.

As if having a power outage at work, locking my keys in the mangler's office, and various other mishaps weren't enough.....I find out that Elisha Cuthbert now has a blog at nhl.com.

Would somebody please just kill me now? Just walk up to me, drug me, and convince me that I bwnt like Fred Durst or somebody equally nasty. Seriously.

Why the hells is that no-talent bimbo blogging for a professional sports league, anyway? Do the NHL brass seriously think that there will suddenly be legions of Elisha Cuthbert fangurls/fanbois at NHL games, just because their airheaded idol is posting a blog on NHL.com that boils down to "Lyk omigawd!!1 I saw WAYNE GRETZKY today and ZOMG he is so hawttt!!!!1!one"

And, is Pope Palpatine I Benedict XVI really Catholic? Inquiring minds wants to know!

I can just hear it now. Some goober's ready to hit the "comment" link just so s/he can post "STFU AQ, you're just jealous because she's a hottie." Save your energy--I'm not jealous of her, especially given her egregious lack of taste in men.

Darren McCarty > Sean Avery. Punkt. Ende des Subjekts.


The Serene Master of Malik-fu has made the Czech Olympic Team. The Vitkovice fans are all facepalming over it because of Harry's bad season during the lockout, and Jes Golbez is just fit to be tied because Master made it and his objet d'mancrush Jiri Slegr didn't. Personally? I think the selection committee made their decisions based on how each player has been doing under the new rules--especially since there will be NHL refs in Turin. Yeah, Slegr's been putting points on the board, but have you seen the Bruins lately?


And don't get me started on Eric Staal's exclusion from Team Canada and what a travesty that was (sidenote: a hearty "fuck you Charlie" to James Duthie and his "playing in a place where nobody notices him" crap--Here's hoping you get slapped in the grill repeatedly by a Stingray or four the next time you go scuba diving, ya schmuck). I hope he runs away with the Rocket Richard Trophy (and a couple other pieces of hardware) this season, as a big fat middle-finger to the selection committee.

Sometime this week I'll get started on a rant about the Hurricanes and their inability to market a team.

Happy Yule.