29 December, 2005


Well, that game last night was not the greatest.


Despite what some in the Caniac Nation (est. 1997) are saying, the team did not play poorly. They didn't play as well as they could have or get as lucky as they could have--but their play was actually better than the score would indicate. The difference was goaltending. Tinu was tired, and it showed last night when shots got by him that he normally would have stopped.

Tonight the 'Canes take on the Philadelphia Flyers. Sadly, Snatch Pitkänen is still out of the lineup for the Flyers tonight, which means I won't get to entertain my friends with Kama Sutra jokes. If the Flyers ever signed or drafted a Swede named Linge, I think my dirty little mind would finally seize up and explode once and for all.

And if I have to explain that to you people, I am going to be very disappointed.

In other news.....

The Hurricanes made two swaps out of Lowell yesterday, sending Colin Forbes to the Washington Crapitals organization in exchange for Stephen Peat and finally--FINALLY--shipping Pavel Brendl's slack ass to Phoenix's org in exchange for Krys Kolanos. Farewell Krispy, don't let the door hit you.

What does this mean for the Hurricanes? The parent club, not much. But Lowell gets a pretty even swap as far as goony-type guys go (Forbes for Peat), and they get rid of some serious deadweight in a disinterested Pavel Brendl and get a centerman who's struggling (but at least gives a tinker's damn). So as far as I'm concerned it was good all around.

Got to watch the USA-Finland game today. I think people are making too big a deal out of the yobbos that booed the Merkins and cheered for Finland, to be honest, and all the drama that some are making about it on various message boards just amuses the piss out of me. Let it go, people--it's not worth worrying about.

But that could just be me.