01 January, 2006

Somebody gimme a shotglass.

The question, however, is "whose head do I bounce it off of?"

Do I bounce it off the head of Jack Johnson, for his ill-considered, ill-timed, and just plain stupid (not to mention cheap) elbow to the head of Steve Downie last night?

Or do I chain-bounce it off the heads of the Canadian fans that are crying that JJ's elbow was "so very American"?

Decisions, decisions.

Look, people--all y'all are being stupid about this. The elbow was stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. It should have netted Johnson a suspension. The coaches at UMich should take the boy aside when he gets back there and have a looooong chat with him about how he has to keep that temper of his in check.

You can't excuse it if you're a Team USA fan, you shouldn't have done it if you're Jack Johnson, and you can't throw stones if you're a Team Canada fan given a certain controversial choice that the national team made for Turin.

So all y'all, just shut the hell up about it. Oh yeah, and Happy New Year.