20 May, 2006


Before I start:

I ban trolls from my commentbox. I did it the last two rounds, and I do it now. And yes, I'm talking to the asshats that came here from the N&O blogs and are now whining because they're no longer able to litter the comment section with their garbage. If you're just going to call me an "ignorant slut" and other such wonderful things, then you can go peddle your papers elsewhere--and this applies to Canes fans just as much as it applies to fans of any opposing team.

Now then.

The game was actually not that bad, all told. The second period was complete and total weak-sauce, and the Sabres took advantage--had the Canes not figured that everything was hunky-dory and that they could slack off cos the score was tied (i.e. if they had played aggressively like they did in the first and third periods), then the outcome would have been much different. The Hurricanes and Sabres are clones of each other, they really are--same system, same type players, same type playoff rookie goaltenders, same coaching philosophy...it's like looking in a mirror.

That said: Miller was the difference-maker in this game. In a way he's like Ilya Bryzgalov out in Anaheim--when he's on, he's nigh-invulnerable. When he's off, he's a colander.

I'm not upset about the outcome, I'm really not. My opinion of SabresFan, however, has gone down several hundred notches after seeing the ones that invaded the RBC throw their trash all over our parking lot, assault our fans (a couple of Sabres fans jumped a somewhat mouthy Caniac outside the RBC after the game and started a big brawl that the RPD had to break up*), and generally act like they're from Detroit.

And you all know how much love I have for Detroit.


I'm not happy with some of the Canes fans, either, for sinking to the level of the invaders. That's the kind of garbage I'd expect from Flyers, Devils, or locally-based Red Wings fans. When the enemy's fans come to your house and act like the assholes that they are, you go get the securebots and let them deal with the situation. You don't dump beer on them, you don't try to shove them down the steps (I'm talking specifically to the middle-aged jackass in Section 101 that tried shoving some drunk-ass Sabres fan down the steps for having some stupid POS whiteboard sign), and you sure as hell don't throw shit at them. If they're causing trouble, get the ushers. If the ushers are unwilling to do anything, get security. If the securebot refuses to do anything, demand to speak to his (or her) supervisor.

Go Canes.

*:No, I was not involved.