12 May, 2006

Oh boy.

That roar you hear coming from the general direction of Colorado is my sister (The Pregnant Motie Warrior) expressing her feelings at her beloved Avs getting the broom last night.

My poor brother-in-law doesn't stand a chance.

Sometime today, I'll get a nice ranty e-mail from TPMW about the subject.


Chairman Mo has been appointed General Secretary of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Leafs fans, I am currently hunting down my old propaganda posters for you to use as we speak.

I never had a problem with Paul Maurice on a personal (read: outside of hockey) level--but his coaching was, of course, another matter entirely. I felt that his coaching development had been seriously arrested by his being thrown into the battleground that is an NHL head coaching position, that he was seriously deficient in several areas (player communication, adaptability, and keeping the team on-focus were the big ones), and that above all else he was being done a disservice by being kept on the yob for so long. From his tenure with the Marlies, it seems that he has taken some lessons away from his tenure here (which is good), and I'm sure that he'll do a fine job with the Leafs.

I wish the guy much luck in his new yob--but not against the Canes.

Nothing personal, of course. 's just hockey.