10 May, 2006

Red Flag, meet Bull.

Oh boy oh boy, some folks just. Never. Freaking. Learn.

A couple days ago, faithful readers, you may remember me firing a shot across the bow of Joe Ovies, one of the berks from Raleigh's own 850 the Buzz.


Joe decided that he didn't like that too much, and fired back with his trusty little dime-store pea-shooter. Among other things, Numbnut decided that he just HAD to whine about my not linking to his post so the world could see his weak, pathetic, pitiful, and otherwise sadder-than-Titanic attempt to look like he knows more than he really does (which is--as the Russians would say--ничего).

Now, I was just going to let it go (after plinking him with a five-inch shell) and just let Joe look like the craven little toolbag that he is.....

....and then I opened up my mailbox yesterday and saw this:

FROM: Adam Gold
TO: The Acid Queen

SUBJ: leave him alone

Your highness,

leave my man, joe ovies, alone!

he didn't say anything that should have offended you unless you only read one small portion of his blog entry on the subject of the ticket prices.

in any case, we should all be basking in the afterglow of another incredible win and singing kumbaya.

adam gold, host/pd
wrbz 850 the buzz
wdnc 620 the bull


I'll pause for a moment while you all laugh yourselves senseless.


OK, now I have ignored a poke or two from a few folks in blogland in the past (*casts the Evil Fish-Eye at Da Chief*), but this whole thing was just too funny to NOT share.

I mean, can you picture it?

Ovies: "Waaaaah! Boss, the mean ol' Acid Queen is picking on me! Make her stop! Waaaaah!"

Gold: pats poor Joe on the back and gives him a bottle of hand-lotion "There there Joe. you just go yank your crank to "Beep Beep" in that corner over there and I'll take care of the nasty blogger. I'll send her an e-mail--that'll fix her wagon!"

Congrats, Adam, on proving two things:

1) Your employee is a spineless little weenbag who doesn't have the sack to fight his own battles.

2) You're an even bigger toolbag than those of us who had to deal with your anti-hockey garbage during the first 8 years of the team's existence here already knew you were.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

edit 5:20 PM: It appears that I've been removed from 850 the Buzz's blogroll--which, honestly, I'm not shedding a lot of tears over. If they can't deal with getting doinked with the Reality Bat, it's not my problem.