19 May, 2006


Ah yes, leave it to SabresFan to do SO much to dispel my growing hatred. Apparently, only Tom L. figured out that my previous post was not a threat in any way, shape, form, or fashion--if he can do it, then what the hell is the problem with the rest of you lot?

Calling me an ignorant slut, making self-righteous patronizing comments about the N&O doing a service for the newer members of the fanbase, AND crying that I'm somehow threatening Sabres fans (even though I've done nothing of the sort) is not the way to engender good will.

It's also not the way to get me to feel anything but pure white-hot loathing for your team.

Good job, SabresFan. I hope your team gets to a Game 7 with us and then own-goals in overtime, because it would serve you right.