04 May, 2006

What the hell are they thinking?!

The Hurricanes have decided that they're going to jack the ticket prices for any later rounds that the team might make--and oh, are the fans screaming. And I can't say that I blame them, either.

Y'see kids, even though I love this team I am well aware that their sins are many and that they are pretty great--being out-of-touch with the market is one of those great sins, and this latest "surprise" price increase pretty much shows it. I mean, dude. I realize that it's the playoffs and whatnot--but I don't want to see MY house loaded down with THEIR fans because OUR fans got priced out of their own seats!

I would hope that the Hurricanes reconsider this, because the backlash from it will completely and utterly--correction, HAS completely and utterly destroyed the buzz started in the first round.

Good job, Canes. Hope you're happy.