03 May, 2006


I'm a little speechless after last night's game. In a flash, I saw 1986 all over again, except that it would be somebody like Steve Begin playing the part of Kevin Dineen to Bret Hedican's Larry Robinson.

And then, in a flash, it was over on a shot from Cory Stillman that may or may not have been tipped by Craig Rivet--and it was made clear that that part of history wouldn't be repeated.

Wow. Just wow.

Now I can play World of Warcraft again--for a couple days. I can play DDO again--for a couple days. I can even watch Hurricanes games--on the DVR.

For a couple days.

And then on Saturday, it starts all over again with those dirty diving damn Devils.

I swear, this team is going to kill me.

(Aside to Tom L: If you still play WoW, gimme a holler. We'll get together and go hassle the Chinese for a while. For a couple days.)