23 June, 2006

O Captain My Captain....

...please hush about Lavi not getting the Jack Adams.

And all you other Caniacs pissin' and bitchin' that Lavi didn't get the Jack Adams need to hush too.

It's a jinx, that trophy is, and I'd much rather our coach NOT get it--besides, he's got something far nicer (even if Wally Tatomir was klutzy and dropped it--bad Wally, no cookie). I didn't even want Chairman Mo to get it in 2002--actually, yes I kinda did. But now that he's the General Secretary of the Toronto Maple Leafs, I hope he doesn't get it so that he'll be with them for a long, long time.

I got a kick out of the part of Olie Kolzig's speech where he said "As much as it pains me, I'd like to congratulate the Carolina Hurricanes on winning the Stanley Cup." I've always liked Olie. And Alex Ovechkin? Dudeman needs a new haircut, badly. That bowlcut abortion he's got now makes him look like he's a cancer patient wearing a bad wig. His Calder acceptance speech was a hoot, too.

I loved seeing Cam Ward dis one of the memorabilia sellers from "out back" at the RBC on live TV--that was great stuff. I saw that clown in the crowd by the red carpet and was like "Oh balls, there's a seller." Then Cam went walking down signing stuff for fans, and he saw that guy and was like "Yeah, I'm skipping you." gg Cam.

Vancouver folk, I wish I could be there with y'all for the Draft this weekend--but getting promoted at work, my boss's impending European vacation, and being short-staffed because of a co-worker's paternity leave have pretty much terminated all chances of me getting MY vacation time this year. :/

The Toronto Star has a vurra interesting article about the last pick in the Draft and what's become of those guys. I can just see JFJ walking up to Chairman Mo on draft day in 1985 and saying "In 21 years, kid, you're going to work for me."

Hey, coulda happened.

Oh yeah, so forwards and goalies and stuff.

Chris has his commentary up on the goalies and the forwards, so I'll send you over there after a few comments.

Tinu might move on, or he might be amenable to staying here for another year as part of a 1a/1b system--I think that if he gets schmoozed right by JasonK and JimR, it'll pry be the latter.

Daniel Manzato hasn't done so much since we've drafted him, so I see him being shuffled off somewhere as a throw-in for a Draft Day trade.

I have a hunch that Cullen will be back representing the 2-1-8 next season. Dougie is an enigma--he hasn't totally ruled out a return to the 'Canes, and he hasn't totally ruled out a return to the Booze. And he hasn't totally ruled out a trip to some other team. Wherever he goes, I just hope it's to a team that I can actually like (as opposed to someplace like, say, Detroit, Columbus, Florida, or Washington).

Why do so many people have Joe, Lord of Evil pencilled in as trade-bait? I don't see it happening for some reason. I think he'll be on the roster for at least the first month or so of next season.

Recchi's pry outta here, so we can re-sign the core forwards like Staal, Cole, KAdams, and Ladd.

CAdams will likely be sent to Albany as their hetman, so that he can teach the youngins the ways of the tribe. Vince Most Handsome is pry going to go down there with him, as will Killer Kowalski and the rest of the kids that were practice players with the team during The Great Run.

I think that little Ray Whitney might wind up getting traded, if the 'Canes need to bring in somebody to replace a departing player.

Aaaaand that's about all I got--well except for a little gem from this morning's N&O, which I will address later tonight after I am home from work and properly jacked on Flexeril.