17 June, 2006

Well THAT certainly blew hearty chunks.

I got nothin'.

The 'Canes got nothin' too, apparently.

I tell you what, people--ONLY THIS TEAM COULD CHOKE A THREE GAMES TO ONE LEAD IN THE CUP GODDAMN FINALS. Perhaps I should have saved my big vent of anger for after Game 5. Perhaps I should have gotten my hair cut on 6 June. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

I'm just crushed, now. It is said that you always hurt the ones you love. Well, the ones I love always hurt me. Always, without fail. Go ahead and laugh, people--Gods know I'm certainly used to it by now.

If the 'Canes manage to pull it off in Game 7, I'm liable to just drink myself to death because I won't know what the hell else to do with myself.

And I'll be watching on Monday night, because if the ship is going to go down then goddammit I'm going to go down with it.


All gassed up and ready to go.