21 June, 2006

So...what do we do now?

Before I wrestle with my digital camera to get the pictures from yesterday's parade and party (I missed today's celebration because I got called in to work), it's time to take a look at who goes and who stays for next season.

Chris makes some good points with regard to our defense, but I'll chime in.


I think that My Evil Twin is pry going to retire--at most he'll stick around for one more season and then call it a game. He's got a Cup, he can head off into the sunset.

I'll be damn surprised if Wes sticks around--he's finally got a Cup, he'll probably want to go out on a high note.

Unlike Chris, I think The Not-Quite-As-Serene Master might stay if the 'Canes either 1) made him a good enough offer or 2) traded a couple draft picks to the Leafs for his brother.

I do think the rumblings about Nicky heading back to Sweden are true--he's had fun here, he's made some coin, and he's got a Cup, so now he'll want to pack up the clan and head on home. Say hey to Tommy for me when you get home, Nicky.

Commodore will stay. I think they might let Hutch walk. Tverdovsky is probably gonzo if the 'Canes can find a trading partner to take him, otherwise Lavi will do his best to work with him. If they let Babs go, I will injure somebody. That boy is fearless and has one hell of a slapshot. He's Andy Delmore, with hits and defense (and better luck with the chicks).

And then we have Jack Johnson--I have a sneaking suspicion that he's hoping he'll be traded to Pittsburgh so that he can be reunited with his boyfriend Sid Crosby. I think the 'Canes should stick with this kid for as long as possible during his College years. If he doesn't want to sign with us after that, then trade him.

I'll do up the forwards tomorrow morning.

(and to my Heathen and Pagan readers: Happy Midsummer.)