16 June, 2006

Well isn't that special.

Scalpers get pwnt by Raleigh's Finest, Film at 11.

Personally, I've no sympathy for dirtbags like that (and to me, scalpers are dirtbags--which is why I refuse to buy tickets through TicketBastard)--but at the same time, you kinda gotta say "caveat emptor".

I mean, I can understand wanting to get in to what could have been a Cxp-clincher. I can. But when the 'Canes have made it clear that they're hunting down and cancelling tickets that are being sold for over US$3 above face, at some point common sense has to kick in and say "Wait a minute--this probably isn't a very wise move."

If you've got the cash to drop on some fuckwad's $900 pencil that comes with two free Cup Finals tickets, then you've got the cash to do it the right way and drop $250 on a partial season ticket plan so you can get Finals tickets for the STH price.

Just sayin'.

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