13 June, 2006

Some say the end is near, some say we'll see Armageddon soon.

Some random Game 4-related thoughts, brought to you by Flexeril, Diet Coke, Tool, and Camel Crema.

3-1. Wow.

And I have to work Wednesday third shift, which means I'll miss Game 5. Wonder if my hubby will sub for me, just in case--though if he knows I'm smoking in the house (which I'm not supposed to do) while he's at work, he'll probably say no.

Of course, if the 'Canes win the Cxp then I'll be quitting the smokes--which will make my doctor happy, not to mention my friends and the hubby.

Cued the DVR to the hit that swabubba referenced in a comment on my last post. I didn't see much Orpik-like about it, but take that as you will (i.e. with a large grain of salt--like I told Tom L. in the last round, fans tend to see what they want to see)--I try to look at things from both sides, but really? These playoffs have been round after round of "We would have destroyed you if $PLAYER had been healthy"--so the Finals have carried a heavy undercurrent of "Fuck y'all haters" for me and everyone else down here. I think that what has much of the Caniac Nation (est. 1997) so mad about what Orpik did is the fact that Orpik didn't even bother trying to check up on Erik until after it was printed that Justin Williams called Saku Koivu in the first round to talk to him and apologize for his carelessness.

I'm in a strange zone right now, much like I was after Game 6 of the Conference Finals. I just feel so...well, calm. I want to compare it to somebody who knows that they're going to die and has made their peace with the world, but I don't know if that's really accurate in this case. I'm looking forward to this summer, when I can hopefully go out to Denver to visit The Pregnant Motie Warrior and brother-in-law, and (gods willing) hold my nephew for the first time.

A Cup win by the 'Canes would do so much to solidify the fanbase here, it really would. Yes, we've gotten a lot of n00bs in the fanbase this season--but winning it all would really cement the team here, and that would be just a great great thing.

Best comment from a thread on The Wolf Web:

listened to that game on SHITTY ASS am radio all the way from jacksonville to raleigh

god damn i nearly drove off the road when we won

I think that about sums it up.

Go Canes. Win it for the fans, win it for the Triangle, and more importantly:

Win it for yourselves.

(this post written while listening to Tool's "10,000 Days" album)