21 May, 2006


Meanwhile, at the World Championships in Latvia, A Canadian fan with the oh-so-clever name of "gotskills" decided to go to the Team Czechia forum on the IHWC website and post the following:

how may years has "NO PLAYER SHALL WASH HIS HOCKEY EQUIPMENT" law been on the czech law books?

It may be time to get with the times and mix in a clean jersey now and then.

The only response came from a Czech poster, who replied with what is possibly the most perfect way of calling somebody an idiot for askin such a question:

Ohh.. What a core problem!

Let me put it this way: One who think that external appearance is most important is ready to iron his cerebral cortex in case it could be visible ;)

And, of course, "gotskills" showed his great intellect with the following response:


Oh, those Canadians (and the Czechs who wtfpwn them).

(thanks to correspondent Joolzie for the pointer)