24 June, 2006

A missed feel-good story from the Finals

This was posted on teh LGC by MeanGene (who, for the folks outside the Caniac Nation, is the big black dude on the Storm Squad), and is posted here with his permission:

I talked to [Georges Laraque] during the Finals after just about every game. Mainly by email, but also in person. Anyway I thought it would be good to get some pictures of a black hockey player becasue I am hoping to start an inner-city street hockey clinic/league hopefully this summer or fall. I am thinking in the downtown housing projects, or in Durham at possibly the YMCA, which is probably my best bet. laraque gave me 10 autographed 8x10 pictures and personalized one to me.

After game 5, he told me that they would beat us in 7, and I told the Canes would win. He jokingly asked me if I wanted to place a bet on the rest of the series. I said sure, if the Oilers win, I will paint Oilers are #1 on the back of my car with glass paint and drive around with it on. If the Canes won, he could help me start up my league. He said either way, he would love to help me out.

After game 7, I went and talked to him and he told me to jsut contact him when I was ready. At the time, he was talking to Cuba, so I should have hit him up too!!

I think with the Stanley Cup victory and the enthusiasm for hockey, it should go pretty well.
Just wanted to share a good guy NHL story!

Big Georges (or, as they refer to him at The Battle of Alberta, LeGG) has always been one of my favorite players because of stuff like this.

Is that cool or what?