23 June, 2006


I go to work, and everything goes about 10 different kinds of crazy.


As has been broken by half the freaking blogsphere (and TSN), Mike Keenan has taken total leave of what's left of his senses and traded FLORIDA PANTHERS FRANCHISE GOALIE Roberto Luongo to the Vancouver Canucks for....

Todd Bertuzzi, Alex Auld, and a used jockstrap cleverly masquerading as a defenseman Bryan Allen.

(Apologies to CanucksNation by way of Alanah from VCOE, who use a boot to the head to remind me that I had Bryan Allen confused with Nolan Baumgartner. Mea Culpa.)


The Warchief has agreed to be Captain For Life (and you have no idea how happy that makes me).


My Golden Bitch has asked for a trade out of Edmonton for "personal reasons".


UKRAINE, of all countries, has advanced to the Round of 16 in the World Cup.


Rumple Minze. Mmmmm, Rumple Minze.