02 June, 2006

OK, I gotta say this.

SabresFan, please knock off the whining.

Your team is damn good--scary good. They're the only team that really scared me in these playoffs. They can skate like the wind, and they're tough customers too. I respect them a great deal, I really do. If the 'Canes had been as decimated as the Sabres were, I honestly don't know if they'd have done half so well--take that for the compliment that it is.

Please stop diminishing your team's accomplishments by being sore losers--there's a line between being unhappy about your team losing and just flat being a sore loser, and a lot of you are crossing that line with your whining about the officials and screaming "ZOMG BRIND'AMOUR IS CLASSLESS!!!!1one" because he took a shot at your coach (who refused to even go near the handshake line after he gave Lavi and our other coaches a dead-fish--if that's not classless, then I'm the King of Siam).

Your team lost, and I'm sorry. The officiating sucked, and it sucked on both sides. If some of you bothered to read the comments on various Canes boards today, you'd see a hell of a lot of us fans giving the Sabres some mad props--and that, by the way, is something that we DIDN'T do with the Habs or the Devils--because they are a good team.

But I guess that just means that we don't know shit about hockey, huh?

Whatever. Had the Sabres won yesterday I'd be on the Oilers bandwagon, sure--but I wouldn't be crying and pissing and bitching about the refs or wishing the Sabres' plane would fall from the sky or whatever, because that would cheapen everything that the Hurricanes had accomplished.

Good luck to your team next season--may the Sabres one day bring you guys some peace (but not at the expense of my 'Canes. Nothing personal, of course--'s just hockey).


The Acid Queen