29 May, 2006

We interrupt these playoffs.....

....for something that, today, is a bit more important regardless of one's political leanings.

I come from a family of warriors.

My paternal grandfather joined the US Army during World War II, and served in the Army Corps of Engineers as one of the builders of Garrison Dam.

One of my maternal great-uncles fought at Anzio AND Montecassino in the US Army during World War II.

My father served in the US Navy for 25 years, and earned a Purple Heart at Da Nang after being shot in the ass by a sniper.

One of my maternal ancestors fought for the Confederacy as a volunteer from Indiana during the Civil War--his reasons for doing so are lost to time, but he fought for his cause all the same.

My maternal uncle volunteered to serve in the US Army and was a door-gunner on the Cambodian border in the mid-60s, when his own government was vehemently denying any action in that part of Viet Nam.

Another of my paternal uncles served in the Navy after Vietnam, and two of his brothers served in the US Army--one (the baby of his family) during Desert Storm.

I have had numerous cousins serve in the Navy, Marine Corps, and Army. Had my knees not decided otherwise, I would have served as well.

(And some of you wonder why I have a big ol' bug up my ass about Jack Todd.)

Happy Memorial Day to all servicemembers (even you, Chief). Thank you for defending my right to be a bitchy, disagreeable old battleaxe.